Advantages of Serviced Offices

If you are a small business and you are looking to make the jump into a serviced offices can be the best and most viable option for you. Moving office is often stressful and there are many variables which you need to think about very carefully. Location, rental costs, expansion and accessibility are the main aspects you need to take into account which is why serviced offices make an ideal choice for your next step and here are the reasons why.Shorter Lease Agreement
Serviced offices usually have a very short time frame on the rental agreement so if you ever need to move quickly on another property, need larger premises because you are looking to expand or require a cheaper option you can move with as little as a week’s notice. You may pay slightly more in rent than standard office space but having the flexibility to move can be an added bonus for a new business where the business landscape is often uncharted.Immediately Availability
Serviced offices are usually empty when you view them so you can move with immediate effect. When you are starting a new business, the last thing you want to do is spend large amounts of your time planning and executing your next business move. It can take your eye off the ball and arranging supplier contracts can seriously disrupted your business. Serviced offices usually come ready to go with telecoms and I.T. infrastructure in place.Fees on a Per Usage Basis
If you are unsure as to how much space you will require and about how many employees you will be taking on then serviced offices are perfect. You don’t want to pay for space that isn’t being used so to have the flexibility to add new desks and offices to your operation is quick and cost effective. What’s more, you can upscale and downsize your office space in relation to the amount of business you have. This also enables you to work out an exact return on your investment for taking on extra seats or space.Basic Support Services
Serviced Offices offer your business the basic support services to help you get off the ground without having to employ more staff. You want your employee(s) to focus on the task at hand so being supported by secretarial services or a receptionist who can handle your calls, post or emails can be a real advantage.
With many serviced offices you also have access to conferencing facilities and communal meeting rooms. Again, this means that you can use them only when required and the cost is shared with the other businesses in the centre.Modern I.T. Infrastructure
If you are a business that is heavily reliant on a strong I.T. infrastructure you may struggle with serviced offices but, in most cases, the I.T. and telephone systems available will handle anything you can throw at them. The serviced office industry is a very competitive world so they must ensure they have the best facilities available to win new tenants. This means that you can benefit from the fast fibre optic broadband and modern telephone systems without the initial outlay and continued investment from your own business.Clean and Modern Offices
Serviced offices are usually modern and clean compared to standard office space. It is important to have a fresh working environment and, although sometimes seemingly clinical, they are nearly always cleaned daily to maintain a high level of presentation. After all, serviced office companies are required to look after their existing clients whilst continually attracting new business.Air Conditioning
Air conditioning can be a godsend in the hot summer months. In many instances, the windows do not open due to security and the construction of the buildings so air conditioning can give you that blast of cool air when you need it. The air conditioning is usually serviced on a regular basis.Parking Facilities
Parking facilities can be a real convenience for those who travel into work by car but be prepared to pay extra for the spaces. Serviced offices usually charge by the facilities you use so this could become expensive. You may be able to negotiate parking spaces as part of your contract but think about the possibility of new employees when doing so.Clean Toilets and Kitchen
It is never a nice task to have to clean your own toilets or kitchen at work so, with a serviced office, you never need to. The facilities are usually immaculate and cleaned once or twice each day. Again, serviced offices rely on a good image and happy tenants so this is all to your advantage.They Look Professional
Serviced Offices are usually of a very high calibre so you are onto a winner when introducing customers or new employees. With modern surroundings and a clean environment they look more professional and give your small business a larger persona than simply a room in your home Serviced offices also give you an indication of how your next offices should feel.Summary
In summary, serviced offices make a great option if you are looking to make your first business move. The costs are all visible in advanced, many of the areas that cause people headaches have already been taken care of and you will have first-rate facilities at your disposal. Admittedly, you may pay a slight premium for the extra support services but it is certainly worth it as you get up and running.Having the ability to move quickly means that you can see how your business performs and then move to the right premises when you eventually find them.

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